Healthcare: It’s A Complex World

Healthcare is complex.

In a USA Today and Kaiser poll 50% of cancer patients experienced at least one of the following problem during their cancer care:

25% received conflicting information regarding their diagnosis and treatment options

21% had duplicate imaging exams or procedures performed

20% of patients were confused about their cancer diagnosis

15% of patients never had their questions about their cancer diagnosis answered or felt it was understood

13% of patients experienced problems with their medical records not being at the physicians office for their appointment

This story indicates to me that even in an age of iPhones, iPads, electronic medical records, picture archiving systems, cloud computing, hosting, cell phones, and imaging equipment that we doesn’t fit the root problem patients experience…..multidisciplinary care that is simple and coordinated, and personalized to you and your diagnosis.

Perhaps it is not a widget, nor an app, or the latest and greatest medical device that needs to be purchased.

Perhaps it is the time and effort to understand how to use everything in a complimentary way that allows the technology to disappear, the interaction between humans to occur, and for all of us to understand our own healthcare stories?

I know solving complexity with more complexity is the “sexy” thing to do.

When we take a step back and learn how to facilitate human interactions to occur often, frequent, and in a meaningful manner is when we define the root problem.

Once we know the problem, choosing the technology is simple.

Spend 90% of your time deciding what story you want to solve in healthcare.

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2 responses to “Healthcare: It’s A Complex World

  1. A lot of the confusion described can be eliminated or ameliorated by simply giving patients their records after every visit, procedure, lab or imaging. Too often there is conflicting or erroneous data, which endangers the patient, or at a minimum, is costly to all parties–patients, physicians and payers. When patients have ready access to their data, and a way to correct the errors which are commonly found, then the patient has a fighting chance to understand his disease, his options and the impact of the decisions to be made. Just give us our data. Period.

    • Great points!! I agree and it is my opinion that this will become an increasing demand as more and more of the financial burden is shifted to patients. Healthcare needs to make the moves now and not take a wait and see approach.

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