Technology: Can A Ring Improve Our Health?

I happened to be looking in a gift shop and came across some classic toys. One of them happened to be a mood ring.

Mood Ring

Remember the mood ring? You would slip it on your finger and over time the ring would change colors based on your mood at that time. Each color had a different meaning. Here happens to be the color chart with the associated moods for this ring:

Mood ring levels

As you can see, red meant that you were feeling fear. Orange meant that you were in a lovable mood. As time passed, the ring changed colors, and it was meant to represent your specific mood.

Fast forward to 2014. I happened to be on Twitter and came across a conversation about a new product called Ringly. (website: and Twitter Account @getringly) In checking out the website it made me realize that this is a modern version of the original mood ring.

Ringly has some wonderful features. First is the design. It is something fashionable to wear, inconspicuous, and will notify you when you have a call, a ride from Uber, or an upcoming meeting. It does this by changing colors and with vibrations. So instead of being in a social or professional setting trying to hide your phone as you unlock and check it, you can tell instantly by either a vibration or the color change to the ring.

Pretty cool.

Then I stopped to think, why are we looking at notifications that we already get, and not trying to improve on the original mood ring? If the original mood ring was trying to predict our emotional well being, could an updated version actually accomplish this feat? Or could it help our health and wellness?

Then the brainstorm began. What if we had a ring that knew when we were sitting too long in one location? Perhaps the ring would give us a zap to make sure we were awake, and to remind us to get up and move for a bit. Get some exercise.

What if the ring knew we hadn’t drank enough liquids that day? Maybe it turns blue to let us know we need to increase our water intake. We need to remember to hydrate.

What if I have a cardiac condition and I am on medications and if I haven’t opened the cap to take my medication within a set time of +/- 10 minutes that my ring turns red to notify me. If I still do not comply I get an aggressive vibration until I finally take my medication.

Would the ring be able to take my pulse, monitor my blood oxygen levels, and my respiration and if my levels were good it flashed white? Or maybe it turns grey if one or more of the levels are not within my historical normal. (yes, I want this ring to be all about me, my normal, and not just compared to bell curves of all patients)

Would it not be nice to have a ring turn green when all of my measurable activities were within normal levels or when I have met my predetermined goals as positive reinforcement?

Since my ring is green and I happen to be shopping, I get an automatic 5% off of where I am checking out because my employer participates in a ring program and wants to incentivize me for making good choices? It all happens and melds into the background of our daily activities and social interactions.

Maybe the ring turns yellow if we have had one too many imaging studies in the past 30 days? Or maybe we have been outside in the sun, not using sunblock, and it gets increasingly brighter until we take the appropriate actions?

What if we had rings that could be specific to various diagnosis and conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart, and obesity? Could a simple ring be enough to motivate us on a personal level? Could we connect with other people wearing the same type of rings and focused on the same type of conditions to work together to stay on the right track? To keep us motivated? Would we be able to share best practices, and pitfalls? Would we be out and about and notice that someone else has a color that is changing and we ask them if there is something we can do to help?

What story could we rewrite with a new and improved mood ring?

As always, you can feel free to contact me at: CANCERGEEK@GMAIL.COM or follow me on twitter @cancergeek


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  1. I’m sure somebody is working on it as we speak.

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