Healthcare: Ignore The Banter. Listen To Your Voice. Create Your Future.

On Sunday John Nosta (@JohnNosta) tweeted the following article entitled: “Firing Steve Jobs Was A Mistake: Former Apple CEO John Sculley

As I read the article it made me pause and consider the following, “What if Steve Jobs had never been fired?”

Life is about transitions.

The choice I make today will guide me towards who I become tomorrow. How I handle the transition between each choice I make will influence the way I view the world in the future.

In our 20’s life is all about tasks. Here is the list of things I want to do, here are the things I have done, and reward me based on those accomplishments.

When we move into our 30’s and move up the ladder professionally, it becomes less about the self completed tasks as it is the body of work your team delivers. You go from being a player, to being a coach.

From my own experience, I had trouble transitioning between being a player and being a coach. Not because I couldn’t lead, but because I didn’t trust in my own voice. My vision. My reality of what I knew the future could hold. I had to fail before I succeeded.

I then developed a cancer center and an oncology service line from the perspective of a patient. One that allowed a patient to go from screening to diagnosis and a treatment plan in 72 hours or less. A team that had the patient at the center of the experience; bringing all of the resources together based on patient needs, expectations, and timeliness.

People told me I was crazy. People told me it could not be done. Yet I brought in the right team and in 8 months we created something that was thought to be impossible.

Which brings me back to the firing of Steve Jobs. If he hadn’t been removed from Apple, went to Next and Pixar, and then brought back to Apple, would I be typing this post on my MacBook Pro? Would I be listening to music on my iPod? Would I make calls on my iPhone? Would I read on my iPad?

Or would I still be listening to music on CD’s, typing on a black bulky laptop, making calls on a flip phone using the key pad to send messages, and would I be reading paperbacks? Would I still have a desire to notice the design in my daily life? Would I care about how things feel in my hands, how it fits in my pocket, how it embeds itself into my daily life without my realizing it?

Mr. Sculley is a great business mind. His greatest legacy may be that he gave Steve the time and motivation to find his voice, ignore the critics, and execute on what everyone else thought was impossible.

Lastly, as for Apple’s expectation to always be of great innovation and that it is impossible to to live up to, well Mr. Sculley, I have a feeling you are going to be wrong again.

Apple is where the future is made into a reality. Google documents the reality of today. Amazon sells what was made today.

Ignore the banter of your mind. The banter is doubt. Find your voice. Listen to it. Believe it. Make a decision today that influences how you wake up tomorrow. Welcome the transition. Be open to change. Create your story.

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2 responses to “Healthcare: Ignore The Banter. Listen To Your Voice. Create Your Future.

  1. Well said. I’ll send this over to John Sculley and see if he would like to comment! John

    • John, I appreciate you taking the time to read, comment, and share. Most importantly, I want to thank you for the inspiration for this specific post. I am humbled to be acknowledged by you. Thanks! Andy

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