China Healthcare: My Infectious Disease Hospital Experience


This happens to be one of the medical centers I visited while in Beijing, China. This hospital campus happens to have several buildings. The main campus in the front is a diabetes hospital. To the left of the main building, is the infectious disease hospital. Behind is a fertility hospital. To the right is an Oby/Gyn hospital.

One campus, four different hospitals, each specializing in a very specific aspect of healthcare.

I happened to have the fortune of presenting to the president of the hospital, the medical staff, and several leaders inside the infectious disease hospital.

Prior to the presentation I walked into this large building and had a few observations:

1. There were no doors to the infectious disease hospital. Instead they used heavy sheets of plastic, cut into strips, hung from the door frame

2. There was no air conditioning in the main lobby, hallways, or even on the patient floors

3. Upon entering the lobby, there were large lines of people waiting in wheel chairs, standing holding a catheter bag, sitting on the floor next to their IV poles, or leaning against the wall on cruches

4. Upon entering the elevator, there was one person that opened and closed the doors, and controlled which direction the elevator traveled and where it stopped. We would pile on as many people as we could possibly fit onto a single elevator, regardless of personal space, you just keep piling on.

5. There was no hand soap, hand towels, hand dryers, or toilet paper in the restroom. Both men and women. (I was traveling with a colleague who gave me insight into the women’s restroom)

6. Hallways were blocked as patients would wait in line to obtain their medications from the pharmacy

It made me pause to think, I was in an infectious disease hospital, with many many people in a very close proximity of one another, and yet the small precautions one would normally take to mitigate spread of germs were simply ignored.

Do patients in China know the story of how to prevent the risk of spreading infectious disease? Is it an important story to be told? To be understood? Why hasn’t the story been amplified?

This is only the first part of the story….more to come on Cancer Hospitals.

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One response to “China Healthcare: My Infectious Disease Hospital Experience

  1. I wonder what the disease transmission rate is there compared to here? Do they build up an immunity faster? Do more of them get sick?

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