Would “Just do right” Change Healthcare?

I have been traveling a lot in the past few weeks. I have been in Chicago, Cincinnati, and Indiana in the United States. I have been in Paris, France, and most recently Beijing and Tian Jin, China. (more on this in another post)

Tuesday I was able to make time and join #HCLDR (healthcare leader chat: transcript) on the topic of patient advocacy. This happens to be a topic near and dear to me.

One of the questions asked, was the following:

Q3–If you were a patient advocate employed by a healthcare provider, how would you navigate between the needs of the organization vs patient? Factors you’d consider?

In considering this question, my initial response was the following:

The metrics, whether it is job performance, patient satisfaction, or any other type success needs to be defined from the patient perspective. If the measurement is not defined by patients, or the end user, then I would question whether or not the true intention of the advocate/program is to benefit the patient versus the healthcare system.

However, Thursday night  I happened to be reviewing a book I had read by the great Maya Angelou a few years ago. One of Maya Angelou’s nuggets was something so simple, “Just do right.”

It made review the transcript from #HCLDR. There it was, my own nugget of wisdom.

T3: “In my opinion it is simple: 1. What does the patient want(s)? 2. Is it the right thing to do?  and 3. Is there a moral obligation to provide access to the requested care? ”

From that statement, a few people made comments referencing if it were only that simple or easy to do.

Which brings me back to Maya Angelou.

We all have a story. We are all teachers.

If each and every single one of us that is a part of the complex world of healthcare would simply remember to “Just do right” in each situation we interact with another human being, would we eliminate all of the non-value added waste in healthcare?

Would we increase access to care? Would quality naturally rise? Would costs shift to more manageable levels? Would patient experience blur into the background? Would all healthcare providers and practitioners become inherent advocates and listen to patients?

All of us have a story. Will you remember to “Just do right” today with the patient in front of you and help amplify the voice of their story?

As always, you can feel free to contact me at: CANCERGEEK@GMAIL.COM or follow me on twitter @cancergeek


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