Healthcare Needs To Dream Like A Child

A few days ago I had the privilege of volunteering for a bring your kids to work day. The event was a half day session. Employees were able to bring their 6-12 yo children to work. The children were able to get a tour, see where mom and dad work, and then there were some various stations. The one I was helping with was about design, aesthetics, and the world around us.

The kids were walked through a few simple instructions:

1. Consider who you are designing for

2. Where will this item be used

3. What is the function of this item

The kids were then asked to design a lunch box.


The 2 girls I worked with designed lunch boxes for one another. I was impressed with their ability to rethink the possibilities of a lunch box. They did everything from solar powered refrigeration to a compost powered robot to clean up all the wrappers and garbage after they eat.

What it really made me stop to consider is why don’t we do the same thing with healthcare?

In a world of possibilities, why is it that very few people are willing to forget the constraints of how healthcare is delivered, reimbursed, or accessed today?

Why do we not begin with what the Shangri-La of healthcare could be, design to that, and then worry about the models and modes of reimbursement?

Why do we create similar stories, with incremental reduction in costs, and minimal new value to patients, families, and communities?

We need to remember how to be kids again, dream, and write new healthcare stories.

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