Patient Experience: The Value Of Time In Healthcare

Last night I was going through my inbox after a week of attending the #PX2014 conference in Chicago, work, and travel. I saved by the best email for last, this weeks edition of “Burning Questions” from James Victore (@JamesVictore). (video is here) The topic for this week was time management and distractions.

As soon as I was done listening to it, I messages James and asked him if he would allow me the privilege to use his video as part of this post. He gave me the okay. (So thank you James, I appreciate all you do)

I think it is timely for those of us in healthcare to take a moment and listen to the 7 minute video.

In a world of dinging, interruptions, buzzing, and whistles are we taking the time to pay attention?

As healthcare professionals, providers, administrators, and ancillary staff we need to stop and ask ourselves if we are happy and content in our work?

Are we allowing technology to distract us from our work? From our tasks? From our patients?

At the 1:25 minute mark James says the following, “…distraction is somebody else’s agenda. Someone else wants your time, or frankly, your money…” He goes on to say, “…it is about self-love and self-respect. Our time has value.”

I am sure that everyone reading this who happens to work in healthcare will shake their head in agreement. Our time is valuable.

I want you to pause for a moment and think about time in a different way….what is the value of the patients time?

The patient in that room, at that very moment, chose to see you for their care. The patient could have gone to see anyone else in the entire clinic, hospital, system, or insurance network. Yet they made the decision to come and see you.

A patients time may be even more important than that of a provider.

Without the patient, there is no need for a provider.

If we as providers of healthcare, information, and wellness love and respect ourselves, we will silence our distractions each and every time we are in front of a patient.

Patients pay us with their trust, their vulnerability, their choice in who to see, and in their dollars.

As healthcare professionals we need to “pay” with our attention.

I would like to thank James Victore for planting this seed into my mind and allowing me to repurpose for healthcare.

As always, you can feel free to contact me at: CANCERGEEK@GMAIL.COM or follow me on twitter @cancergeek


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2 responses to “Patient Experience: The Value Of Time In Healthcare

  1. Taking time to listen to patients reveals the influencers of a patient’s health that can provide vital clues to diagnosis and the ability to adhere to treatment. As patient perspective is better integrated into health care decision-making at all levels, the health care industry has an opportunity to expand the conversation to include everyday factors that collectively have a meaningful impact on health. This all starts with the simple act of listening.

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