Patient Experience: Cleaning The Filters Of Healthcare

One of my favorite speakers this week was Dr. Bertrice Berry (website here) (twitter: @DrBerticeBerry ) and her topic of “Journey to Wellness in the Eyes of the Family.

It was powerful to hear of her own personal experiences with healthcare. Caring for her mother, her daughter, her own stories.

The two takeaways for me came down to the following: we need to enter each situation with a clean filter, and gratitude is how we clean our filters.

Dr. Bertice Berry shared stories of how at times we may walk into specific situations on a daily basis and make assumptions, have a bias, or presume we know the answer before we understand the problem. She stated, “If we do not clean our filter it become the window in which we view the world.”

Dr. Berry went on to state, “We are patterns and behaviors. This is where we live. Yes, people can do something every now and again to surprise us, but we live in our patterns. Because we live in these patterns, it is sometimes difficult to see the world around us as it exists.”

So how do we begin to see the wonder in the daily patterns of healthcare, family, work, social gatherings?

It is in gratitude.

Do you remember the last time someone said I appreciate you? Or said thank you? Or told you that they enjoyed your story, your work, your effort, your ability to just listen?

Do you remember how it made you feel? Like Dr. Berry, I am willing to bet that it made you feel a sense of happiness. It made you smile. It brought a lift to your day.

The way we see the world and clear our filters is by giving gratitude to those around us. When we say thank you, show appreciation, do for others, and share of ourselves it allows our own filters to be cleared.

When we clear our own filters we begin to see pass the patterns and mundane parts of life.

I recall all those moments in which patients bring in treats in the cancer centers. I recall the moments in which we provided gifts to our patients upon completion of their care.

I remembering seeing the magic in connecting amongst patients and caregivers, on a daily basis, and seeing the success in making other people my smile.

I may not ever be as popular or well spoken as Dr. Bertice Berry. Yet we have one thing in common.

The success of our own stories are measured in the impact of the people we touch. That impact can only be measured one person at a time, one situation at a time, one set of eyes at a time.

Give gratitude. Clean your filter.

The impact can only be measured one story at a time.

As always, you can feel free to contact me at: CANCERGEEK@GMAIL.COM or follow me on twitter @cancergeek


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