What If Healthcare Had A Traffic Assist Program?

Yesterday I happened to come across the following article on www.core77.com titled, “Audi’s Traffic Light Assist Gets You From Green Light To Green Light.” (original post here)

I recommend taking the 3 minutes and watching the video that is embedded in the post.

It made me pause for a moment and consider, what if healthcare could install a similar technology? What would it look like? How would it help patients? What impact could it possess for both patients and caregivers?

I have mentioned it before, but what if our phones had the ability to see open appointment times for our preferred physician? What if we had messages sent to us in real time that showed if a physician was running on time, behind, or even ahead of schedule? What if our calendars also showed physician offices if we are running on time or are going to be a few moments late?

If I happen to be a patient coming in for a normal routine screening exam, could I get a time estimate as to when the exam will be read and I will receive results? If there is something suspicious, and additional workup is needed, can I see the roadmap of additional testing, timing, time to results, and the instructions or educational information that coincide? Could I be assigned a “coach” to help me navigate next steps based on my own schedule, availability, and comfort level?

At least in the world of cancer I know we can do some things same day, and for the vast majority of all workup, we can perform it in 3 days or less, from biopsy to pathological diagnosis.

It’s people first, process second. Third is technology. Technology is cool, but it needs to melt into the background to make a more seamless and natural experience for patients and caregivers.

I like to think about the stories of what will come in the near future.

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One response to “What If Healthcare Had A Traffic Assist Program?

  1. Yes, please! But I do have a care team that is pro-active on getting results to me, and there is an option to sign in online to see results. I’m sure there’s room for improvement, and I wish I had known some of this things back in October when I was first diagnosed.

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