Healthcare: Who’s Got Game In Marketing?

Last night I was listening to music and catching up on work when the following song by Public Enemy came on my playlist: He Got Game (Official Video and Song located here)

This lyrics of the song reminded me of a dialogue I had earlier in the day with Joseph Babaian (@JoeBabaian) via @twitter on the topic of healthcare, or hospital marketing. Joe had posted the following link to a post on 33 Charts entitled, “When Hospitals Engage By Megaphone.” (article is here) Joe then proceeded to ask the question: “Who has experienced this? Share.”

My personal comment: “Visiting most healthcare websites it’s exactly this. Few are bold enough to have a dialogue w patients & tell stories with impact.”

Joe responded: “It’s lazy at best, self-serving at worst – some of it comes from a sense of superiority wouldn’t you say?”

My comment: “IMO a dash of superiority, sprinkle of megaphone, doused with fear, & a lack of creativity.”

Joe: “A true disconnect in their use of marketing – why not actually add value vs just checking the box “done?””

Me: “Traditional “marketing” in healthcare = advertising vs building a brand & cultivating opportunities into wins.

In which Joe kindly directed to another  post from the Site, Not Running A Hospital, entitled, “A White Coat Is A Sacred Trust.” (article is here)

Which brings me back to the song “He Got Game.”

It might feel good. It may sounds like something. But damn the game if it don’t mean nothing.

What’s is game? Who’s got game? Where’s the game in life, behind the game, behind the game?

I got game. She got game. We got game. They got game. He got game. It might feel good. It might sound like something. But F@#k the game if it ain’t saying nothing.

In my honest opinion, the chorus sums up the majority of healthcare and hospital marketing. Every hospital has physicians, technology, awards, certifications, and accreditations. So what? So why should I as a consumer of healthcare even care? What does it mean to me?

Does it mean that in the middle of the night when I need someone to check the high fever of a child that you are readily available? Or does it mean I still have to go to the Emergency Room? Does it mean that I can choose the cheaper quick and convenient option, or the more expensive higher touch option of care?

If you haven’t noticed Mr Hospital it’s not about you, it’s all about me. Your dollars and dwindling, and you need more patients. You need share in your market.

Here’s a hint. You want share, then share.

Share your content with me on how you make my life easier, more convenient, or how I can improve my own life based on the good and services you and your medical community produce for me. Share your stories of real patients, with real problems, and how you empowered them to go back to their normal routine. Better yet, how you helped them achieve even a better reality then before you cared for them.

Dare I even ask you to share with me a problem that one of your patients encountered, and how you used it as a learning experience to improve care for other patients that may have similar circumstances?

Provocative I know. Scary yes. Guess what? We know you make mistakes. When you share them, it makes you more tangible and real to me. It lets me know you are human, you own up to mistakes, and you care enough to do all you can to ensure you learn from them, and that other patients will too.

Content is king. You have a lot of intellectual capital. Share it. If you share it the right way, you will win and gain market share.

Most of you have the same game. It may feel good. It may even sound like something. But damn the game if it doesn’t mean anything to me or other consumers.

Tell stories. Share more.

Change the game, behind the game, behind the game.

As always, you can feel free to contact me at: CANCERGEEK@GMAIL.COM or follow me on twitter @cancergeek


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