Healthcare Needs More Touch, Tap, Swipe

Being at Arab Health I was able to walk the aisles and take a moment to look at all of the amazing innovations and technological feats that people, companies, and healthcare organizations around the world are accomplishing.

No matter if it was one of the many booths from large US Based Healthcare Manufacturers or one of the booths from a Chinese or Swedish company, there was never a lack of items to see, things to learn, and conversations to have with everyone.

In taking a moment to reflect on the technology it made me think of several of the conversations I had with people.

The conversation would begin with the customary introduction of my name is, I work for this organization, and my role is the following. Then it would go into the “pitch” of how wonderful their specific product, technology, or offering is compared to anyone else in the world.

The people or companies “pitching” would try to tell me the value that their goods or services would bring to me.

I in return would then ask them how much is this going to cost me.

They would move back towards the value conversation. I would push and ask about price.

Then that’s when I stopped and paused. I made this picture in my notes. I made it neater for everyone to comprehend. Here it is:


As you can see from my picture it is a cycle that all of us go through in just about all of the choices that we make on a daily basis.

Hospital, physicians, and clinics want to tell us all about the wonderful “value” that they deliver to us as consumers of healthcare. Until recently, most of us never really cared because we didn’t pay the majority of the bills. Now that we pay more for our healthcare bills, we want to know what the price is going to be for the service we seek.

Likewise, vendors tell healthcare all about the value of their goods and services. Healthcare in return stops to ask what is this going to cost me?

The person on the receiving end of the “how much is this going to cost” question is never really happy to hear the question.

I stop and ask why? No matter if we are filling up our gas tanks, going to Starbucks, buying groceries, going out to eat, or planning a trip we all want to understand the price. We ultimately make our own decision if we “value” the goods or services enough to spend the amount of money required.

Some companies like Apple and Samsung have done a very good job of understanding their end users (consumers) enough to generate items that fall into a category of desirability. Part of this is due to the seamless integration into an end users normal daily life and activities. We would all notice the huge void if we did not have our iPhones or our TV’s. We would miss the products.

So how does healthcare do the same? How do we change a system that has solely relied on physician knows best, we keep our “trade” secrets within the 4 walls of our hospitals, and we spend more time looking down inputting information versus looking up and having a dialogue with the person in front of us.

Even the Geisingers, Intermountains, and Kaisers of the world, how do you plan on developing an end to end user experience that makes wellness a desirable part of life? How do we shift from a world of break-fix to a world of risk reduction, intervention, retention, and healthy living?

How do we work together to make this change something that all of us desire, and if it was taken away, that we would all be upset about it?

Remember, each and every interaction with another person is similar to our own interactions with our desirable devices. The more we touch, tap, and swipe the more we expect that to happen on other items. The more we use voice activated tools the better they get to know and predict our diction. The more ways we find to use it for everything, the more we depend on it.

Hmmmm, sounds a lot like what we should be doing in healthcare.

Allow end users to define the value. They know what they want. If you take the time to listen and understand, you can make something that consumer will desire. If you do it really well, you will generate something that they will miss.

If you are exceptional, price will be forgotten.

As always, you can feel free to contact me at: CANCERGEEK@GMAIL.COM or follow me on twitter @cancergeek


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