Patient Care: Be Bold, Listen More Than You Speak

I had the fortune of visiting a cancer center in Dubai the other day. I will admit that I was shocked that there was nearly no difference between this center and any of the various cancer centers I have visited in the US and Canada.

It was staffed with physicians, nurses, ancillary staff members all huddled around patients. Try to do the right thing. Care for patients in the midst of a life altering experience.

I had the privilege of being able to visit with several of the patients. Everyone had very similar experiences. They were happy to have wonderful people surrounding them, their families, and the support of amazing medical staff and teams.

The one thing that each patients and family member reiterated, was the importance of wanting to be heard. It appeared that each patient had a bond with at least one member of the care team. Someone they felt relatively safe in sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly side of their personal experience with cancer. A few patients did state that they had wished more of the physicians were not so busy so that they could speak more to them on a one on one basis.

The takeaway: No matter where in the world we care for patients with cancer, everyone has a basic need to tell their story.

Each story is unique, personal, and is a chance for us as healthcare providers to learn. It is in listening that we understand the needs, expectations, and how to provide the support and care that people with cancer deserve. (all patients)

My suggestion: Let’s be bold and focus on the patient directly in front of us. Take the extra time to come in, introduce yourself, and then turn the conversation over to the patient. Listen more than you speak. You may learn something. More important, you may be able to provide the right care at the right time for the patient in front of you.

In the end, isn’t this what healthcare is all about?

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2 responses to “Patient Care: Be Bold, Listen More Than You Speak

  1. Andrea Borondy Kitts (@findlungcancer)

    Great post. It’s so true. Dan’s Oncologist was always very busy but the time he spent with us he was totally focused on Dan and his care and concerns. Our oncologist was one of the few bright spots in the journey with lung cancer.

  2. I am fortunate that my oncologist, and his team, are always ready to listen. I have to admit I was surprised that our first visit with the oncologist took over an hour; during that time, he answered questions from me and from my partner, explained the process, and not once did he look at his watch. Now, I never complain if I’m not seen right at my appointment time, because I know the team is focussing on the patient in front of them at that moment, just as they are with me when it’s my turn.

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