Cancer: Dear Bill Couzens, Words Matter

Yesterday there was a nice article written on the Huffington Post Healthy Living Section. The title of the article was: “Cancer: An Inevitable Stage Of Life.” (article here) It was written by Bill Couzens (bio here) who is founder of the organization, LessCancer (organization site here).

I tried to comment online to the article but it asked for verification through Facebook, so instead, I am posting my commentary here.

Dear Bill Couzens

Nice article and perspective. I would caution you on the use of prevention. Prevenetion means something very specific, and although I agree with the direction of your vision, I think choosing prevention versus risk reduction is a misstep. If you want to understand what I mean by the semantics of our language, I would suggest you read this article authored by Stacey Tinianov @coffeemommy entitled: “More Than A Semantics Story: Prevention vs Risk Reduction vs Screening.

The other item I would like to address is that age is not the most significant risk factor for cancer, its being a man or a woman, then age. Hence prostate and breast cancer are the top diagnosis in either sex. Next is lung cancer.

Unfortunately in the US, the economics of cancer care place the profits in treatment. Screening and diagnostic workup is break even at best. Tissue diagnosis is a cost center. Risk reduction, not even on the board.

Consumers need to own their choices, become educated, and make decisions to try and impact the risk factors as much as possible. The reality is, being a man or a woman, and being alive, will always be risk factors and neither are preventable, unless one is already dead.

Cancer is something that impacts the story of humans. Being human is not preventable. Making smarter choices may reduce some of the risk, but it most likely will never make it zero.

Thank you


As always, you can feel free to contact me at: CANCERGEEK@GMAIL.COM or follow me on twitter @cancergeek


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