Will My 2014 Goals Articulate My Story For The Year???

On the evening of Tuesday, January 7th, I had the privilege of joining the #HCLDR (HCLDR Blog here) tweet chat led by the Lisa Fields (@PractticalWisdon) and Colin Hung (@Colin_Hung). The topic for the evening was all about goals. Setting, focus, and importance of goals.

It was a timely discussion since I am about to have my annual performance review with my boss on Thursday and last week I had the ability to look back on 2013 to review my own goals, my accomplishments, and the areas that I can focus on for improvement.

At the same time, it also allows me the opportunity to consider what I want my goals to be for 2014. I have always felt that goals are important to provide me with an overall vision for the year ahead. It gives me a focus for the things to say “yes” to on a daily basis and the things I should respond with a “no” and refrain from spending too much time and energy on. Goals help to inspire me.

In the spirit of setting goals for myself personally, I have my own view on goals. I feel that some goals are meant to be reached rather quickly. I feel that some goals are meant to attain over a set period of time. I feel that 1 or 2 goals should be such a stretch that I will almost always fall short. Failure is good for all of us. Keeps us hungry, keeps us focused, keeps us ever evolving, learning, and willing to change.

First are the basics. I have 4 simple goals that I need to consider daily in everything that I do. If I keep them at the root of all I do, then I should at least be directionally correct.

1. Be impeccable with my word. Words are powerful. Words have meaning. In what I say and the words I use, I need to always speak with integrity. I need to always say what I mean and deliver my words with the intent I set out to convey. I need to do my best to avoid using words to speak against myself as well as others. My words need to convey what is my truth and with love.

2. Do not take anything personally. I need to remember that the things that other people do is not because of me. People speak and act based on their own reality. If I do not allow their actions to negatively impact myself, or to judge myself, I can avoid a lot of needless suffering and anxiety.

3. Do not make assumptions. I need to ask more questions of other people to ensure that they understand the meaning behind my words. The more I can communicate clearly and eliminate confusion and misunderstanding between myself and others, the better.

4. Always do my best. I know that depending on where I am and how I am feeling that my best work may differ from time to time. However, as long as I put all of my best into the task in front of me, at that very moment, I can never doubt myself or have regret that I didn’t do more.

I would say the above 4 goals are the ones that I need to complete as soon as possible. I need to review each day, and make them a habit.

The next two goals are the ones I am setting to work on over the course of the year to attain by December 31, 2014.

1. To view everything in healthcare through the open eyes of what is possible versus the preview of what is broken or not working. The first thing this goal does is allow me to bring an open mind and a positive frame of reference to all situations I may be presented with in 2014. Staying away from a negative connotation allows me to focus on all possibilities versus the ones people may have tried before and not been successful. It also means that anything is possible. The only bounds are that of my own imagination.

2. To disseminate my ability to make the same conversation meaningful to everyone at the table from the C-Suite, Administrators, Physicians, Nurses, Technologists, Ancillary Staff, Payers, and Vendors. Over the course of the past 5 years I have been in so many conversations and people have been amazed at how I can change my dialogue to convey meaning on the same topic to all the people in the room. I owe it to my ability to listen first, and the fact that I have held all of the above roles except for nurse. It is a skill that can be taught and I need to share it with more people.

Now for the far reaching, pie in the sky, big dreamer stretch goals. These are the ones I usually enjoy and do my best to make happen. What can I say, I always like to make the impossible possible. It’s what I do.

1. To help a healthcare organization set goals that expand beyond the 4 walls of their hospital and clinics and truly drive impact to their consumers and the community. We all see the billboards and banners strewn across hospitals that discuss the top heart hospital, highest rated ER, Top 100 hospitals, and so on and so forth. I want to see a healthcare organization work with the community to identify 2-3 goals that they want to address in 2014, set measurable metrics, and the work to impact those metrics over the course of the next 12 months. If you move the needle, brag about it!! Guess what? I bet your community will actually know what it means, will care, and you may actually drive some will return and new business through your doors.

2. To have healthcare providers sit down and work with patients to develop specific goals for the year for each patient. Healthcare providers would help to connect patients with additional resources within the healthcare organization as well as in the community that will help patients achieve their goals on a daily basis. Such as helping to make healthy living and quality of life a habit for patients. In addition, patients will help to connect providers with best practices. The ultimate population management.

Okay, so that last 2 I may be a bit ahead of myself. I am okay with that. I like to push and challenge. I know it is possible.

I put my goals for 2014 out here for myself. I also put them here for all of you to see. This will help to focus my story for the days and weeks ahead this year.

What story will your goals help you to articulate in 2014?

As always, you can feel free to contact me at: CANCERGEEK@GMAIL.COM or follow me on twitter @cancergeek


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2 responses to “Will My 2014 Goals Articulate My Story For The Year???

  1. Wow. I love your goals and plan to “steal” most of them to add to my list. The first 4 are a great articulation of what I want in my general approach to life. It’s so helpful to have it written down to remind me of my intent. For how to approach situations; I especially like “To view everything in healthcare through the open eyes of what is possible versus the preview of what is broken or not working”. I try to view all situations in life for what is right and what is possible vs what is wrong. I am essentially a glass is 1/2 full optimist.
    Meanwhile, I also have reviewed my 2013 accomplishments and set objectives and a plan to achieve for 2014. This has been a satisfying process for me this year, my first time as an “independent patient advocate”. In the past, when I was in the aerospace corporate world, I dreaded the process. It seemed to be a politically motivated exercise rather than a process to gain perspective and plan for future improvements. Thank you so much for sharing.

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