Consumers Want Living With A Side Of Healthcare

Today I had the fortunate of spending some valuable time with a few of my younger cousins. One of them who happens to be a 5 yo girl asked me for something to eat. I asked her, “What would you like to eat?”

Her response was, “I want 2 pieces of toast with jelly and a side of mini corn dogs.”

I responded, “You mean you want mini corn dogs with a side of toast, right?”

She looked at me sharply, placed her little hands on her hips, and replied, “No, I want toast with jelly and then a side of mini corn dogs.”

I said okay and proceeded to make the toast and then the mini corn dogs. As I was becoming a master children’s chef in the kitchen, it made me begin to think about healthcare–

Maybe our focus has been all wrong. We focus on waiting until someone gets sick. Our healthcare system is set up to receive sick people and families, and we get paid to “fix” them.

It’s treatment with a side of living.

Maybe it is because healthcare and medicine historically have been a series of cookbooks with special ingredients. The secret spices, herbs, and mixes that were only available to a few selected chefs that learned a secret handshake, discovered the markets stocked with the specific ingredients, and had the opportunity to cook in exclusive restaurants.

I believe the balance is shifting, and it is a tectonic shift.

There is no longer a secret handshake needed. Only the initiative to ask questions, to develop a dialogue, and the drive to want to be at the center of the decision making process. Anyone with a connection to the connected world of information now has access.

Healthcare better be prepared to get whipped up in a large mixing bowl. Consumers are taking control of the food processor, beating the eggs and deciding what recipes  to whip together. It’s no longer top secret.

That’s the real secret. Healthcare and all of it’s information is no longer top secret. If you want the information, you can access it.

Take the opportunity and get in the kitchen today before consumers decide to lock you out of the kitchen. Create a new series of restaurants that focus more on the farmers, the produce that they grow, and the freshness they bring to the menu.

Simply, healthcare needs to move beyond the walls of the organization and become a staple in the community.

Consumers want living with a side of healthcare.

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