CancerGeek is here to offer HOPE!

This is the first official posting of the newly created and highly anticipated Cancergeek website. This initial blog will be to communicate to everyone on the other end of the computer screen what they can come to expect from me with this new site.

I am a 30 something medical professional specializing in cancer care. I trained at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse. I was in the first ever class to graduate from a 4 year program with a B.S. in Radiation Therapy. That is the treatment of cancer patients with radiation. I then went on to continue my education at the University of Wisconsin Madison and also did a clinical internship at the University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center. I then again went on for more education in physics and medical dosimetry.

As for my work experience I have worked in various clinics and for different health systems. I also have been a part of 1 cancer center expansion, 1 renovation, and four new builds for Cancer Centers. I am currently working on my 5th new Cancer Center.

I have begun to realize that there is a shortage of people willing to give of themselves to help patients and their families that are dealing with cancer. I want to change that realization. I want to help as many people, families, and patients as I can that have been affected by cancer. It doesn’t matter where you live, what your diagnosis, or where you are in seeking care; I am here to help and offer you my assistance.

I am here to offer HOPE. I am here to help people see that cancer is NOT a death sentence. I am here to help you navigate a complicated world of hospitals and doctors. I am here to answer any and all question you might be afraid to ask.

I am here to offer HOPE.


2 responses to “CancerGeek is here to offer HOPE!

  1. It certainly feels good and safe to have a personal guide through an experience such as cancer. Congratulations and thank you to you for doing things like this for people who can really use your compassion!

  2. drew, i love it. this website is amazing and you are going to help give so much hope to so many. i do have a question, prolly not the big winner, but how can someone leave just YOU an email to ask a question or talk to you about something personal without anyone else seeing their “comment”. keep up the good work, you are such an amazing person! god bless 🙂

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