Love And Healthcare 


A four letter word that when used comes with many conditions, intentions, reasons, and expectations. 
An emotion that when shared makes us feel vulnerable, open, bare, and even naked. 

Yet true love is an act of selflessness. It’s about giving of ourselves. It’s about listening to understand, seeing to relate, speaking to encourage, touching to feel safe. 

It’s relentlessly giving of ourself to another person to provide the shelter of safety. 

I know it’s a bit “sappy and touchy feely” for most professionals in healthcare, yet I ask myself…..

Have we lost our love for our fellow human? 

When someone comes to see us and are not feeling well, what expectations do we walk into the exam room, patient room, or clinical area with? 

What conditions or intentions do we have of people as our patients? 

Is it an exchange of dollars? 

Or is the basic reason most of us went into healthcare was to care for someone in their time of need? To give of ourself unconditionally, without expectation, and with the only intent to provide a safe place to make another feel well again. 

Maybe with all of our measures and metrics we simply forgot that health and care is less about me, and all about the we. 

The we that is cared for daily. 

Healthcare is provided at the N of 1. 

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Rings, Dings, Pings, & Other Things

Rings Dings Pings


Everyday we are interrupted by the rings, dings, pings, and other things. 

Technology is consistently notifying, updating, and alarming us to meetings, email, and other incessant messages of what everyone else is up to, where we need to be, or what someone else wants from us. 

We have become a generation of human Pavlovian Dogs. 

We find safety in reacting to things.  
If we step away from technology, from being connected, from sharing what is the risk? 

Why is it so difficult for us to live in the moment? To be present? To ignore the buzz and rings? 

Do we fear not being part of the crowd that shares? Do we fear being forgotten? Or that we might be replaced? Do we fear being unfriended, unfollowed, or simply deleted? 

When we pause, step away, and become present in the moment we then place ourselves on the hook for creating something. 

I believe our fear resides in that very moment when we are about to create. 
The moment we begin to place our creation into its physical form. 

The moment we become original, for taking a stance, and for having a point of view. 

When we come back and enter the digital community we can either join the game and be part of the echo chamber or we can come back and share something original that we created in our moment away. 

The reality is that there are plenty of interchangeable people that can take our place in the echo chamber. 

Yet there is only one you. Only one me. 

Create, share, and connect and you can’t be replaced, because only you can create your art. 

I choose to be original. 

I create healthcare change at the N of 1.

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